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Life's a Pitch

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It isn't a rare occurrence for Elle & Company to receive pitches for guest posts, collaborations, features, etc. But it is rare to get an awesome, memorable pitch like we received a few months ago from graphic designer Lucy Olive. Her pitch had us laughing out loud and we knew that her pitching skills - along with her infographic capabilities and witty sense of humor - needed to be shared. We hope you enjoy her infographic and clever insights! 

Life’s a pitch. When there’s something you really want, and the capabilities to make it happen lay in someone else’s hands, then chances are you’ll be pitching for it. But what the heck is a pitch anyway, and how can pitch skills help you – both in business and personal life?

Life's a Pitch - The Elle & Company Collaborative

Pitching in a pinch

The dictionary describes a pitch as “a form of words used when trying to persuade someone to buy or accept something: a good sales pitch.” While this definition might make the process sound super sales-y, it doesn’t have to be. In fact, these days, the most authentic pitches are often ones that work best. I wouldn’t be writing this post if it wasn’t for an honest pitch I presented to Elle & Co! As such, if there’s something you really want, you can see how getting your pitch right can become the path that gets you there.

Pitching in all areas of life

The importance of pitching doesn’t just apply to work or career-based opportunities. Sure, when it comes to business, you may pitch for assistance with your start-up idea, or pitch for the opportunity to become a guest blogger, or even pitch to a dream client about your unique offerings. In saying that, developing good pitching skills can be useful in personal aspects of our lives, too. Got your eye on someone who you know would be right for you? Chances are, you might need to get serious and pitch the idea of coupledom to them!

Determining your value proposition

Before you craft your pitch, it can be helpful to devise your own value proposition. In a nutshell, a value proposition is “a positioning statement that explains what benefit you provide for who and how you do it uniquely well” as said by Michael Skok (forbes.com). It prescribes who your target audience is, explains the benefits of your solution, and tells your audience why you should be chosen over other competitors. Having this grounding can help in making sure you’re always on track with your decision-making and pitch targets.

One more thing – there is no perfect pitch

This post’s infographic provides some simple tips and tricks, but keep this in mind: everyone is different, therefore there is no one-shot pitch formula that’ll guarantee a bullseye with your target. What you bring to the table depends on what you have to offer, and who you’re talking to.

What tips have you found useful in pitching a dream project?

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About the Author

Lucy is a graphic designer, illustrator and visual-nerd hailing from Sydney, Australia. She takes the essence of her client’s requirements, blends it with her mix of experience and enthusiasm, and crafts unique visual brands that garner the attention they deserve. When she can tear herself away from her desk, you can find Lucy doodling up a storm, daydreaming up dinner plans or walking her bulldog, Juno.

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